Our team uses a validated approach to develop novel siRNA-based therapeutics for significant markets with high unmet clinical need. Using a proprietary platform for siRNA sequence prediction against targets to rapidly identify siRNA candidates.


PC is leveraging an unsurpassed level of knowledge and experience in RNA interference technology and forging a path to high value creation in genetic diseases and cancer therapeutic areas with significant unmet medical need.

Technology Platform

Gene therapy is one of the most revolutionary medical technology. It is a biomedical treatment based on changing human genetic material, which shows a unique advantage in the treatment of major diseases.


Indication Discovery Lead compound Preclinical IND Phase 1
KR-IF-715 Cancer
PD-IF-032 Cancer


The Potential to Treat Multiple Malignancies

KR-IF-0715 is a therapy composed of siRNA targeting KRAS formulated in stable nucleic acid-lipid particles.


The Gene Silencing Strategy to “Switch off” PD-L1 Translation

PD-IF-032 is a siRNA loaded into exosome to suppress PD-L1 expression with high target-specificity.

About Us

Pharma company (PC) is a biopharmaceutical company leveraging an outstanding level of knowledge and experience in RNA interference (RNAi) technology to forge a path to high value creation through discovery and development of therapeutics for human disorders with unmet medical needs.

We are mastering a key and unique technique for small interfering RNA drug delivery. Through the internal research and collaborations with prominent labs, we have developed a strong portfolio of intellectual property covering RNAi therapeutic products.

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Pushing the boundaries for life science research

Pharma company is on a mission to advance our proprietary platform for gene therapy and to transform the lives of patients through effective therapies.

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