PC is leveraging an unsurpassed level of knowledge and experience in RNA interference technology and forging a path to high value creation in genetic diseases and cancer therapeutic areas with significant unmet medical need.

Indication Discovery Lead compound Preclinical IND Phase 1
KR-IF-715 Cancer
PD-IF-032 Cancer


The Potential to Treat Multiple Malignancies

KR-IF-0715 is a therapy composed of siRNA targeting KRAS formulated in stable nucleic acid-lipid particles.


The Gene Silencing Strategy to “Switch off” PD-L1 Translation

PD-IF-032 is a siRNA loaded into exosome to suppress PD-L1 expression with high target-specificity.

Pushing the boundaries for life science research

Pharma company is on a mission to advance our proprietary platform for gene therapy and to transform the lives of patients through effective therapies.

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