KR-IF-0715 is a therapy composed of small interfering RNA (siRNA) targeting KRAS formulated in stable nucleic acid-lipid particles. RNAi induced knockdown using KR-IF-0715 against mutant KRAS alleles offers a promising therapy for selective therapeutic silencing in KRAS-mutant cancers. The efficient biocompatible siRNA carrier system developed by our platform removes the major bottleneck for clinical translation.

In vitro and in vivo studies, the test results of nanoparticle uptake, distribution of nucleic acids, cytotoxicity and gene knock down showed that KR-IF-0715 is a promising therapeutic approach for KRAS-mutant cancers.


KRAS, a member of the human RAS gene family, encodes a small GTPase membrane-bound protein, which can exist in inactive state and active state which transduces signals by interacting with different downstream effectors.

Wild–type KRAS gene is a tumor suppressor that can lose this critical function during tumor progression in many types of cancers. Once KRAS mutates, it can become oncogenic and contribute to driving malignant transformation. Activating mutations of KRAS are one of the most frequently mutated Ras isoforms in human cancers with the highest prevalence in pancreatic adenocarcinomas (90%), colorectal cancers (45%) and lung cancers (35%).


KR-IF-0715 is expected to be developed as a treatment for pancreatic adenocarcinomas, colorectal cancers and lung cancers.

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