Company Overview

Gene therapy is one of the most revolutionary medical technology. It is a biomedical treatment based on changing human genetic material, which shows a unique advantage in the treatment of major diseases.

RNAi Therapeutic Strategy

RNA interference with (RNAi) is a biological process in which small interference RNA (SiRNAs) silences gene expression by degrading targeted mRNA molecules. Some important signal pathways and genes play a key role in the occurrence and development of the disease. Therefore, the application of RNAi technology to reduce the expression level of key molecules and some important oncogenes in these signal pathways is a very effective strategy.

SiRNA Delivery Vector

Our gene therapy development platform has been working hard to develop different delivery vectors with low immunogenicity, high targeting, non-toxicity and high efficiency. Encapsulating RNAi molecules with either lipid nanoparticles or exosomes can ensure that RNA is not cleared by nucleases in the blood, but can be ingested by target cells.

Pushing the boundaries for life science research

Pharma company is on a mission to advance our proprietary platform for gene therapy and to transform the lives of patients through effective therapies.

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